Entry # 63

Aune Plumbing, LLC

Designer: Eric Aune

Customer: Elk River, Minn.

Installation Location: Boiler Piping & Controls

Brief overview of the project

The Z-one™ (Z45P) zone valves were the perfect fit for this church boiler retrofit. The church came to us with emergency service requests and complaints that the existing zone valves and boiler operation were troublesome.

We have been very pleased with the Z-one™ valve because of the press connection, low voltage requirements and the easy to replace motor head.

Design goal

The two main problems addressed here are the manual control of utilizing the back-up boiler due to improper boiler piping and, the existing state of wiring and control over zoning.

Prior to re-piping, the wiring of the existing Honeywell zone valves was a "birds nest". The simple wiring of the Z-one™ with the addition of a standard zone valve control addressed this immediately.

Future maintenance and replacement was a major concern as was labor savings upfront on the installation. The press fittings with unions address both future replacement and maintenance along with a clean and efficient first-time installation.

Installation description

Utilizing a new and existing boiler and integrating the piping and controls into one seamless and efficient system is always a challenge. Selecting the right products in the planning stage makes it possible to reach the desired goal in the end.


System performance

Initial fire-up and testing has shown everything to be working properly. Ultimately, cold weather will have to set in before we know exactly how well the system works. By all accounts we are very confident everything will operate as planned.

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