Entry # 64

Tapani Plumbing

Designer: Ross Tapani

Customer: Portland, Ore.

Installation Location: Bradley Residence

Brief overview of the project

This is a large historic home in Portland, Ore.  It still has a steam system that they use three months out of the year.  This is a secondary system that provides radiant floor heat and is used during the shoulder season.

We replaced a hydronic system that had numerous issues including water quality and sediment.  We decided to use a Caleffi 5495 Series SEP4 hydraulic separator to provide air, dirt and magnetic separation to alleviate the water quality issues.  We also used a Caleffi 553 Series AutoFill.

Design goal

The goal was to provide the customer with a quality system for heating and domestic hot water.

Installation description

This job is a retrofit.

System performance

We just finsihed the install and it is 95-100 degrees in Portland all week... it's a little early to tell how the system will perform in the colder season.

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