Entry # 65

Amour Mechanical Services

Designer: Will St. Amour

Customer: Edmonton, Canada

Installation Location: Airport Hangar

Brief overview of the project

548 Series Hydro Separator

5026 Series Air Vent(s)


Design goal

Design goal was to provide a heating system that could deliver comfortable heat to the building space while ensuring energy consumption is at a minimum.

Contractor focused on providing customer with a highly effective heating system which meant providing excellent burner modulation coupled with delivering a supply water temperature that followed an outdoor reset heating curve for our area. Caleffi components allow the flexibility and the simplicity to install a system designed for worry-free operation.

High mass radiant heat application.

Installation description

New installation. Customer requested a Mechanical System that would be visible to all those using the hangar; it is to be extremely presentable to the discerning eye.

System performance

System has been in operation since March 2015.

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