Entry # 67

American Plumbing, Heating, & Solar Inc.

Designer: Mustafa Aydin

Customer: Edwards, Colo.

Installation Location: Red Sky

Brief overview of the project

This installation utilized a Caleffi hydro separator, iSolar control, a diverting valve, Z-one valves, 6762 Series thermo-electric zone valves, 132 Series QuickSetter balancing valve and a 573 Series AutoFill combination valve with backflow preventer.

American PH&S had an artist come in and paint an aerial view of a motorcycle on the mechanical room floor. Mustafa discovered that the owners are big motorcycle fans during his initial bid process.  He surprised them with the design.  The color just happend to match the first motorcycle the owner ever bought.  They were delighted with the attention to detail.

Design goal

The system has two Viessmann boilers running two temperatures of space heat with a solar assist for DHW.

Installation description

This is a new installaion.

System performance

It is up and running and ready for the owners to move in later this fall.

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