Entry # 69

Kettle Moraine Heating & Air Conditioning

Designer: Bill Brink

Customer: North Prairie, Wisc.

Installation Location: Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Brief overview of the project

We replaced two old Weil-McLain VHE boilers with old DuraVent using recalled PVC.  The old boilers were not modulating or staged.  The old system had six large pumps for the corresponding six zones.  We also replaced an old electric water heater with an 80-gallon stainless steel indirect tank.  Upon removal of the old system, we found that three of the six pumps had failed and had failed for an undetermined time.  The two new Bosch Greenstar boilers are modulating with outdoor reset.  We also installed a Grundfos MAGNA3 and used six Caleffi zone valves to create a very efficient system.  A Caleffi 573 Series AutoFill combo feed/backflow valve and ZVR Series zone switching relay were also used.

Design goal

The deisgn goal was to clean up a giant mess left by the previous contractors as you will see in the pictures attached.

Installation description

Retrofit.  The challenges were getting the PVC out of the mechanical room and cutting off pipes that were embedded in the spancrete ceiling to make the mechanical room more accessible.

System performance

The system is performing like a top!  The home owner loves the transformation!

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