Entry # 70

Barron Heating

Designer: Abraham Bourasaw

Customer: Anacortes, Wash.

Installation Location: Anacortes Christian Church

Brief overview of the project

Removed three AO Smith copper boilers and replaced with two Triangle Tube PT399 boilers running off of outdoor reset. Added a Caleffi 548 hydro separator with 7 Grundfos Alpha pumps and 18 zone valves. Complete re-pipe of mechanical room.

Design goal

The goal was to cut energy cost, improve the balance of the heating system and make the hydronic system much more serviceable. Original heating system was grossly over-pumped and had no flow control/balancing.

Installation description

This was a retrofit mechanical room minus controls that remained original. The biggest challenge was allowing proper LNI clearances and still leaving enough room to connect to the already existing supply and returns to the heating zones throughout the building.  We needed to meet the church's low budget while maintaining our company standards of how a job should be properly done.

System performance

Project is still underway; not yet complete.

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