Entry # 71

Stanfield Plumbing and Heating

Designer: Mitch Stanfield

Customer: Mountain Village, Colo.

Installation Location: Telluride Ski Home

Brief overview of the project

This project is a new construction ski home on the Telluride slopes.  Stanfield used air and dirt separators in the multiple mechanical rooms across the building.  They also used many of the 132 Series QuickSetter balancing valves to ensure equal flow.  The project was so large, they had to break up the house into 8 sets of mechanical plans.  They are about finished with the job now.  They have been there every week for over two years.

Design goal

The house is over 30,000 square feet and is heated and cooled with water/water heat pumps with two Lochinvar Knights as supplemental heat.

Installation description

This is a new home.  The tricky part is that the size of the house required them to run everything underground from mechanical room to mechanical room early in the project.  To line everything up well, they used a three dimensional laser level while piping the mechanical spaces.

System performance

The system is up and running now.  The last piece is to balance the system.  With the 132 Series balancing valves, they will be able to verify flow to all the loops without special balancing equipment.

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