Entry # 76

Ironclad Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Designer: Patrick Driscoll

Customer: Sturgeon County, Alberta

Installation Location: Baeta House

Brief overview of the project

We used Caleffi 668S1 Series manifolds and a 172 Series manifold mixing station in this 3500 sq. ft. Bungalow home.

The home has two 115,000 BTU boilers running seven zones of radiant infloor/underfloor heating with garage zone.   There is also a fan coil and an 80 gallon indirect water heater.

An injection loop runs the upstairs zones, patio heat, fan coil and garage.

Boiler 1:   Running basment East (I)

Boiler 2:   Running basment West (M)

Boiler 1 & 2:  Both running indirect water heater

Design goal

This is a new installation that includes heating and air conditioning.

Installation description

The design goal was to install a hypo-allergenic system with a very low BTU load to the system.

System performance

System is running very efficiently.

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