Entry # 79

LaMountain Mechanical (Altamont, N.Y.)

Designer: Mike LaMountain

Customer: Stuyvesant Plaza Towers (Albany, N.Y.)

Installation Location: 9-story Commercial Office Space

Brief overview of the project

Job Site Building: 9-story commercial office space with boiler room in roof Penthouse

The current building owner had a commercial boiler that had failed prematurely in 12 months due to debris found in the system.  The new boiler installation required magnetic protection as stated by the boiler manufacturer so the warranty would not be voided.

Because the initial cleanings were eye-opening, especially to the building owner, they would take no chances on anything less than magnetic separation in protecting the five boilers from any system dirt and/or iron oxide and ferrous impurities.

The project specification required that each of the five boilers were to have "BoilerMag” separators, as each boiler was servicing a different segment of the building from heat pump loops to air handlers. The original system in the building was installed in the early 1970’s and the original piping was still in place.

Thanks to the help of F.W. Webb who convinced the specifying engineer and building owner to use five Caleffi DIRTMAG separators as a suitable solution in removing all the necessary debris from the system, thus giving the boilers many years of high efficiency use.

Design goal

This is a "proactive” retrofit DIRTMAG installation.  Due to a previous premature commercial boiler failure (12 months), the building owner would take no risks with an unprotected boiler.

Installation description

The design goal was simple:  protect the boilers from system dirt and ferrous impurities (iron oxide).

System performance

The system is performing wonderfully.  All are pleased with the magnetic separators in keeping the system debris-free.  Take a look at the DIRTMAG install:








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