Entry # 13

Mayo Mechanical Inc.

Designer: Dave Mayo

Customer: Shady Canyon, CA

Installation Location: Mayo Mechanical Inc.

Brief overview of the project

Hydraulic Separator & Air Separator with 2-1/2" ANSI Flange

Caleffi 1' balancing valves

Caleffi Autofill valve 1/2" - SWT x FTP

Caleffi 3/4 " balancing valves

yet more Caleffi 1' balancing valves 

This project is a close approximation of a classic southern Italian Villa the owners came accross while traveling. The attention to detail in both the exterior and interior is extraordinary.

Design goal

Both the owner and the architect made it clear that they didn't want a "Condenser Farm". and they insisted that the majority of the mechanical system (and pool pumps and filters) would be housed in an underground bunker and thus completely out of sight.

Installation description

With no condenser fan available to us (remember we're underground) the solution was to use the pool as a cooling source.

The pool has a vanishing edge and there is a geothermal, waste heat rejection field buried under the lawn. And although the vanishing edge waterfall on the pool creates some evaporative cooling it's not enough on hot days and so the geothermal field is engaged to help keep the system cooled. If needed the lawn sprinklers are turned on and the water soaks down through to the loops that are buried in the sand and help cool and dissipate heat.

Heating: hydronic combined with modulating boiler serving an integrated DHW & Unico hydronic space heat & fan coils.

Cooling: Chiller driven with custom 4-pipe chiller with 3-stage compressors.

System performance

The overall system is performing as designed and expected. 

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