Entry # 15

Par Mechanical

Designer: Pete Cassidy

Customer: Telluride, Colo.

Installation Location: Telluride Custom Home

Brief overview of the project

Pete Cassidy and Mark Perpar of Par Mechanical designed and installed this beautiful system near Telluride, Colorado. It is an 8,200-sq.ft. home with a guest house and 1,000- sq.ft. of snow melt space.  Lochinvar Knight boilers and Squire indirect water heaters were installed along with Grundfos Alpha pumps. This made zoning the project with a tekmar thermostat system and Caleffi zone valves a great fit. Caleffi air eliminators were used in multiple places to separate air in each of the loops and critical points in the system. Extensive care was taken to give this boiler room a showroom feel.

Design goal

The whole job was designed to minimize exposed pipes by running them behind diamond plate, yet still leaving the system serviceable. The goal was to make a 95% efficient system, not to just install high efficiency boilers. The Caleffi components help keep the system noise free and responsive to large zone calls for heat with high Cv zone valves. The quality of work and attention to detail is a great fit for this luxury home at the bottom of the slopes.

Installation description

The homeowner came to Par Mechanical with the goal of improving energy efficiency and reducing heating bills for this new construction project. Par had worked on a previous system of theirs.

System performance

The system is now performing as designed, keeping the homeowners warm and their driveway dry all winter long.

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