What installation criteria is Caleffi seeking?

Our criteria is purposely broad. Simply put we are seeking installations that portray excellence in design. Your focus could entail energy efficiency, resource conservation, system performance, cost savings/avoidance, renewable energy deployment, problem solving, minimized downtime, comfort….any one of a number of approaches that addressed your customer’s needs and Caleffi product had a role in. See Example entry on the view entry tab. As an added feature for 2014-2015, there is now a monthly product focus. The monthly product focus will promote participants to enter projects that are related to a monthly product(s). When an entry is submitted that has the monthly product focus item in the installation, the entrant will receive a special gift.

How can I submit an entry?

From the website, you will write a summary of the installation. Feel free to add as much detail as you want to inform voters as to what the design objective was, what you did, why, and what the outcome was. Photos of the job are uploadable from the website as well. Clear photos are a big factor in helping others understand your design. Comments or quotes from any people involved are welcome if it helps your story. If you need assistance and answer questions concerning how to submit your entry, click on our Contact Us tab.

What Caleffi products should the installation be focused on?

Any of them. Even our more basic products have been part of excellent designs from jobs submitted to us formerly. We just ask that your installation include Caleffi products and your write-up include the role Caleffi products had. It is OK and expected to comment on products in your system design other than Caleffi’s. 

Can the identity of the end user be disclosed in entry write-up?

No, unless you submit in advance to Caleffi written authorization from the end user giving permission to reference them.

Will there be criteria for determining the winning entrant?

Judges will use the following criteria in selecting a winner:
How well system design met criteria/objective(s)
Role of Caleffi products
Attractiveness of installation (we are not worried about stuff lying about, just the system itself)

Can installations done in the past be submitted?

Yes. So, dust off those photos or go snap clear ones and let people know about your “excellent” design.